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Terms and Conditions
In order to finalise your online store, you will need to create a page displaying your terms and conditions, which conform to UK law.
The Terms and Conditions are essential, as they will allow you to :
  • On one hand, ensure the legal security of your business and operate your shop with complete peace of mind.
  • On the other hand, to strengthen the confidence and trust of your customers; which will in tern directly impact your conversion rate.
Whether you are dealing with professionals or private individuals, the role of the "Terms and Conditions" is to form the basis of your commercial relationship.
The following questions should therefore be answered within these conditions:
  • Your Refund or Exchange Policy
  • Delivery terms and conditions
  • Description of the ordering process
  • Determination of the applicable liability regime
  • Warranties
  • The Mediation system in place
The absence of one or more of these elements, or non-compliance can be a source of considerable legal uncertainty (customer disputes, Trading Standards controls, legal proceedings, etc.).