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The world's only edible ink desktop printer!

The Eddie Edible Ink Printer is the ultimate addition to your cakey studio, making it easy to print photos, logos, text, and other designs onto the surface of many food items.

Print directly onto cookies, cupcakes, sugarpaste, white chocolate, macarons, marshmallows, pastries and more.

Perfect for corporate events, parties, weddings and other occasions.

✓ Simple Operation
The Eddie Edible Ink Printer will hold up to twelve 3.5 (90mm) cookies on a circulating tray. Each cookie is automatically drawn into the printer one at a time. The printer then prints directly onto the surface of the item, rotates, and feeds and prints the next cookie. Place up to 12 items on the carousel, and place and pick edible items while printing to ensure a continuous and smooth workflow.

✓ Print Directly Onto Food Items
Many edible printers only print onto wafer paper or fondant sheets, but Eddie Edible Ink Printer prints directly onto the food item, allowing for a highly professional look and impressive detail. Even curved and uneven surfaces produce great-looking results.

Eddie Edible Ink Printer comes standard with a carousel for printing round cookies and other shapes; however, manual feed allows bakers to print uniquely shaped cookies like hexagons and plaques one at a time.

✓ No Taste Difference
Due to direct printing, there is no strange film or aftertaste, which would decrease the quality of the food.

✓ Full Food Safety Certifications
Eddie Edible Ink Printer was designed to be used in food processing environments to fulfill all hygienic standards. Stainless steel housing, easy to clean components, and certified ink with EU and FDA approvals makes Eddie the safest direct-to-food printer in its class.

✓ Enclose Printhead & Ink Cartridge
Eddie Edible Ink Printer has the printhead and ink compartment in one cartridge which gives no chance during operation to build up bacteria in ink pipes or fixed installed printheads.

✓ Customised Trays
Trays and spacers, that are specially developed for Eddie Edible Ink Printer, are available for both feeding options. These allow printing on a wide variety of objects within the specifications.

✓ 3 Year Warranty
Print for endless occasions with the peace of mind of three years warranty.

Includes plug adaptor for both EU and UK use.